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About the project

Home. Just a four letter word, but with a very broad meaning. It defines a place, a safe haven, little corner of our own/ one’s own place, rest and peace. Alone or in the company of the closest people with whom we sit at the table. Favorite images, beloved photos on the bookshelves, all of these create a unique home atmosphere. Everybody wants to come back to it, even from the furthest journeys or the most difficult, everyday challenges. Knowing how important and crucial this place is in the life of every human being, we want to create unique items that you would like to have in your environment. We create remarkable projects that we would see in our own houses and we deliver/ hand them to you.

We choose steel, noticing its raw beauty, timelessness and elegance. We shape it by hand with the utmost care in order to ensure that every single detail is perfect. We profess modernity, lacquering steel and using wood as well as a wide range of laminates. We construct uncommon products, so that you can take them with pleasure to your home.

About the creators

A creative and originative combination of  dynamic aesthetics with a scientific dash and an independent engineer.

Two completely different persons. A feisty/ go-ahead perfectionists and a demon of work with a passion for Eastern philosophy. 

As it turns out, Paweł’s knowledge about steel and the possibilities of its processing, combined with Anna’s fascination with industrial style, as well as a great focus on work, love of aesthetics, elegance and allegiance to quality in both of them, have evolved into a project with which you commune. 

We create loft furniture of the highest quality, taking care about every single detail during all the stages of creation, starting with preparation of the project, and ending with hand-made/ craftsmanship. 

We deliver to you not only functional furniture, but simply beautiful objects, in which we put our whole hearts, believing that they will become a perfect complement to any modern interior.